Celebrate good times, come on! Let your eyes sparkle and shine this New Year's Eve

Celebrate good times, come on! Let your eyes sparkle and shine this New Year's Eve

The eyes have it! MAC's Din Law shows junior reporter Leanne Lam how to let her eyes do the talking this new year


MAC's pigments from the Irresistibly Charming 2015 holiday collection.
Photo: Tiffany Choi/SCMP


MAC Event Artist Din Law (left) makes over junior reporter Leanne Lam.
Photo: Tiffany Choi/SCMP

Junior reporter Leanne Lam had a private lesson at the MAC store at Elements mall to learn how to make her eyes brighter than New Year's Eve fireworks. Here is what she learned from the pros.

Start with a good foundation

"For every good make-up look, a long-lasting foundation is vital," says MAC Event Artist Din Law. It makes sense. Whatever you're working on - whether it's a building project or a killer make-up look - you need to start with a good base. When it comes to make-up, moisturise first to make your skin smooth, and make cosmetics stay longer. Then, even out any discolouration with a foundation that matches your skin tone. Test shades on your jaw line, not your cheek, to find your perfect shade; the colour needs to fade into your neck seamlessly.

Law taught Leanne how to do a sophisticated look this year.
Photo: Tiffany Choi/SCMP

Windows to the soul

"The eyes are the windows to the soul" might be an old saying, but it's totally true. So be ready to spend at least 20 minutes perfecting your NYE eye make-up - that's how long it took Law, and he's a pro!

A big event like a NYE bash calls for dramatic eye make-up, which means using quite a few products. But the results will be worth it.

I'm sure you've experienced it before: eye make-up melting before the night is over. (Hello, panda eyes!) So before getting to the colour, Law applied MAC's Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base to prime my lids and help the make-up stay put. Woohoo! No embarrassing make-up meltdowns!

Be patient! Make-up will take a while, even for pros.
Photo: Tiffany Choi/SCMP

NYE glam eye make-up tutorial:

  1. Apply an eye primer evenly over eyelids; don't neglect the inner and outer corners.
  2. Using a small, fluffy brush, sweep a golden or champagne colour pigment all over your lids. (Alternatively, you can use eyeshadow.)
  3. Use a small blending brush to add a darker bronze or copper pigment to the outer corners of your eyes. Blend it into the lighter shade. Concentrate the darker shade in the outer third of your eyelids. This will make your eyes look bigger.
  4. Use a small smudging brush to line your lower lashline with the lighter shade you used on your lids. Make sure it's blended well to avoid harsh lines.
  5. Line your upper lashline with eyeliner (gel or liquid formulas last the longest) and extend it a little beyond the outer corner.
  6. Carefully apply false lashes to your upper lashline. You may have to trim them to fit your eye first - cut the end closest to your inner corner. Give the glue 30 seconds to get tacky after you apply it to the lashes before you place it on your lashline.

The finished festive look.
Photo: Tiffany Choi/SCMP

Top tips from Din Law:

  • Always moisturise before applying make-up to your face.
  • When applying blush, sweep the colour from the fleshiest part of your cheeks towards your hairline in horizontal strokes. If you apply the colour in vertical strokes down your face, you risk making your face look droopy.
  • Never apply silver eyeshadow all over your lids on its own; this will make your eyes look swollen. Apply a complementary shade to the outer corners to enhance your eyes.
  • When lining your lips, start from the centre and apply the lip liner in small strokes towards the corners of your mouth; this action will give you more control. Then fill in your lips with lip liner and layer lipstick on top to make the colour last longer.
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