Problems with excessive partying and drinking

Problems with excessive partying and drinking


How can I help my brother get back on the right path?
How can I help my brother get back on the right path?
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Dear Alex

I fear my older brother, who is 17, has become an alcoholic. He sneaks out to parties when my parents are away (they work a lot) and I have smelled alcohol on his breath in the morning. He is four years older than me and is supposed to look after me when my parents are not at home. So far everything has been fine, but I'm scared to tell my parents in case he gets angry. Plus, I also love my brother a lot and don't want to make him angry.

Sorry secret


Dear Sorry secret

There are two issues here: the fact that your brother is drinking behind your parents' back and that he is also responsible for you when they are away.

It's possible that he's experimenting with alcohol, as many teens do, and is not actually an alcoholic. But regardless of how much alcohol he is drinking, this situation has to change.

A great idea would be to contact the Kely Support Group which has trained counsellors to guide you, or to speak directly to your parents, telling them your concerns.

Yes, your brother might be angry with you, but you have a right to feel safe and secure in your home.


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