Hairy Situation

Hairy Situation

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Dear Alex,

Arggh, help a girl out, please! I used to have a shiny head of hair until about a year ago. I'm 13 now. When I was small, my friends called me pony girl because of my "mane". But now there's a problem: it's all dry and old-looking. I haven't changed anything in my diet, and I do a lot of sport.

Losing my locks

Moko Hsu of L'Oréal Professionnel gives her expert advice and some great tips on how to care for your hair

Dear Losing my locks,

If you're used to having easy, beautiful tresses, it's very worrying when they start to misbehave!

Lots of things affect hair health, such as diet, hormones, stress and genetics. Starting puberty can affect your whole body, but it should settle down. Tick off the possible triggers by having a check-up at the doctor. You may have a nutritional deficiency that a good vitamin and mineral supplement can treat. Increase your protein, iron and zinc - find out which foods contain these valuable nutrients. Slash sugar and refined flour products such as white bread and sweet cakes.

A tip from the pros: use coconut oil as a moisturising mask once a week. Slather it on and leave it soaking for a few hours. Wash well with shampoo and rinse until it's squeaky clean. (Ed: And whatever your hair type, use conditioner.)


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