I want my share

I want my share

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Dear Alex,

In November last year, I made a website for one of my friends, who promised to pay me cash for it. However, it's now April and the guy still hasn't paid me. I haven't given it to him yet, as I will only hand it over once he has paid. The website is taking up space on my computer and he's been procrastinating for five months now. He keeps saying he'll pay "next week", but I need real answers now! I've been cheated out of my time. How can I persuade him to pay up?

Want my share


Dear Want my share,

The best way forward is probably to give him a firm deadline and stick to it. If he doesn't pay you the full amount by a certain date, you are going to delete the website from your computer to free up space.

Alternatively, keep the website framework for re-designing and sell it to someone else in the future.

Learn from this valuable experience: next time you're asked to do work, demand half the fee before the project starts. This way, if your client does a disappearing act, you haven't lost out completely.


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