I feel guilty about watching adult movies

I feel guilty about watching adult movies

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Dear Alex,

I am 15 years old but have already watched adult movies. I don't think that these types of films are suitable for me to watch at this age. It doesn't affect my daily life really, but I do sometimes think about dirty things that I have seen. I do understand that I am going through puberty and am therefore curious about sex. I don't have a girlfriend, but someone is interested in me. However, I feel guilty about my dirty thoughts and the fact that I have watched these movies - I'm so confused! I last watched one a year ago. Do I have a problem? I don't want others to know about this. Thank you.

Guilt tripper


Dear Guilt tripper,

It is normal and natural to be curious about sex when you become a teenager. It's just biology, so don't feel guilty about that.

Adult movies are age-restricted for a reason: some show abuse or violence and teenagers may decide to try out some of the sexual acts depicted, which could lead to disease, pregnancy or tears.

But remember that fantasy does not become reality. If the movies have not affected your daily life, you don't need to worry so much. However, because you feel that you aren't quite ready for this type of entertainment, avoid it for now and treat it as a one-off experiment.

Reality is treating the people you love with respect, not as objects. What you've watched does not reflect real and sincere relationships.

At the same time, be honest about your changing body: it's natural to fantasise and have strange or sexual feelings and thoughts. Do online research about why these movies are age-restricted and look for topics on how to handle sexuality as a teenager.

Education is empowering: once you understand these feelings and urges, you will be able to control them.

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