How to handle bad breath

How to handle bad breath

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Dear Alex

There's a kid in my class who has really bad breath. Everyone laughs at her behind her back and nobody wants to work in a group with her. I can see that she is very sad and lonely, but I don't know how to tell her about the breath.

Feeling helpless


Dear Feeling helpless,

There's no easy way to talk to people about personal hygiene issues - but you should be brave and do it anyway.

Ask to speak to her privately, break it to her gently, and also offer a solution: "Hey, I know sometimes people pick on you because of your breath, but don't worry, it happens to all of us.

"I'm sure you're sorting it out, but have you tried [mention your favourite mints]? I love them. They'd help keep those nasty girls off your back. At least, that's what I do."

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Exam jitters and friends with bad reputations


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