9 Father's Day gift ideas for all kinds of dads

9 Father's Day gift ideas for all kinds of dads

If you’ve run out of ideas for, or clean forgotten about, Father’s Day next Sunday, we have nine gift ideas to make his day special

You’ve still got a week to go before the almost-universal celebration of the most important man in your life: Father’s Day. Men in general, and dads in particular can be hard to buy gifts for, so if you’re still panicking, and banking on the fact he’ll probably forget anyway, only to find next Sunday he comes to breakfast with a worryingly excited, expectant look, we’ve got some ideas so he won’t be disappointed.

Outdoorsy dad

Last week’s deluge aside, ’tis very much the season for accepting you’re going to get hot, and spending time in the great outdoors. If your dad is the kind of guy to regularly propose beach trips or pre-sunrise hikes, make the destination a little more welcoming with a portable hammock. Log-On offers some from Toymock for HK$880.

At-the-ready dad

Another one for the outdoorsy sort, but also anyone who follows (or needs a reminder to follow) the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared”. A Swiss Army knife with 10 or 13 blades is a step above the most basic, but not so unwieldy your dad can’t chuck it in a pocket for those family excursions that might involve a mini toolkit. (From around HK$400 at Victorinox.)

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Gamer dad

On the other hand, if Pops doesn’t leave the comfort of your 25.5-degree Celsius living room once May ends, and is the guy you always call on to play A Way Out, it might be worth spending the dregs of your lai see on the limited-edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 (HK$2,380).

Self-care dad

Maybe your dad isn’t fussy and doesn’t use a moisturiser (even though it’s a good idea for everyone hydrate their skin twice daily), he really should look into using SPF every day. Thankfully, there are facial sunscreens that don’t feel greasy or heavy, and will help protect his skin from sun damage. The Super Fluid Daily UV Defense from Kiehl’s is a little pricy (HK$380), but it’s light, simple and a little goes a long way; perfect for dads who don’t like fuss.

If your old man can be persuaded to moisturise, Nivea has an affordable, reliable range for men. Tip: if he stays away from “face cream” because he doesn’t like the greasy feeling, look for a gel formula that’s much lighter and won’t feel like anything at all.

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Funny dad

Dad jokes. They all have some. If they need a reminder of just how hilarious they, and their fellow dads can be, grab a copy of The VERY Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes. Just bear in mind the potential for more bad dad humour every. Single. Day. (About HK$86 from Book Depository, with free delivery.)

Foodie dad

There’s a stereotype that men love to barbecue (fire, raw meat, it’s very primal), so help your father acquire the skills to make his own sausages next time he fires up the grill. The Butchers Club offers regular classes, and has a special Father’s Day class next Sunday. You could even join him. (HK$550 for dad; HK$800 for dad and one child; HK$1,050 for dad, you and a sibling; visit The Butchers Club for tickets.)

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Family man dad

Whether he works in an office, drives a train, or skydives for a living, your dad needs a lovely photo of your mug. Probably alongside those of the rest of your family. There are millions of frames available for sale, but why not make it personal? Start with something simple, like Ikea’s Mossebo (HK$69.90), and go to town with collage, ink art, paint ... whatever it takes to make it uniquely you.

Environmentally friendly dad

We could all be a lot more considerate when it comes to taking care of the planet, but it can be hard to remember to bring your own mug when you’re a dad with a busy life (and increasingly diminishing memory). It’s much harder to forget if you have a supercool cup, such as those from Ecoffee Cup (HK$130 from livezero.hk).

Sports fan dad

Even if your dad isn’t the biggest football fan most of the time, we’d bet he’ll watch at least one match during the World Cup this year, not least because, given the host nation is Russia, the match times are pretty convenient. Pick him up a team jersey to help him show his true colours, or to force him to root for your faves. Nike, Adidas and Marathon Sports all have a range on offer.

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