Top 5 Instagrammable spots on the tropical island of Jeju, South Korea

Top 5 Instagrammable spots on the tropical island of Jeju, South Korea

There are many great locations to get beautiful photos on Jeju, but here are Young Post's picks for the best five


The seemingly deserted Buckwheat Fields hide a charming swinging bench.
Photos: Joshua Lee/SCMP

Jeju is a picturesque tropical island in South Korea, and the island’s scenery and rural environments make it extremely popular for tourists from within Korea and around Asia. All around the island you can see holiday-goers with selfie sticks and tripods trying to snap the perfect picture.

Jeju is packed full of prime spots for getting great photos, Here are the five best places to grab a great Instagram shot on Jeju Island:

Buckwheat Fields

An increasingly popular site for taking photos is a buckwheat field in the western part of the island. The large field is situated almost in the middle of nowhere, with no buildings surrounding the site.

After entering the field, a small path marked with fences leads you right through the middle of the field, right beside the picturesque flowers. At the end of the path there is a wooden swinging bench that is a popular attraction for Instagramers and photographers alike.

This remote field is located by the side of a major road, but the number 810 tourist circular bus stopping at the nearby Abu Oreum stop.

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Jeju Mazepark

The Jeju Mazepark has a complicated maze built in the shape of Jeju Island. According to a sign at the entrance of the maze, it takes most people about one hour to complete. If you feel like cheating, you can pick up a map of the maze at the entrance of the park.

The park itself is quite beautiful and has several bridges that cross over the maze, and make for a good photo opportunity.

Another highlight of the maze park has to be the cats kept by the owners that wander around the maze and the park itself. There are an estimated 50 cats in the park. Some cats are shyer and like to hide away in the safety of the park office, but others are very confident and come out to play with the park’s visitors.

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Pyeongdae coastline

If you’re looking for coastal views and a nice place to just sit by the water and relax, try visiting the Pyeongdae coastline on the north of the island, where dozens of small cafes and restaurants line the coastal road. In good weather it’s a great place to sit outdoors by the water and take in the fresh air while having a drink or something to eat.

There are good views of the ocean and the beaches, as well as some large wind turbines spinning in the distance.

On the edge of the waterfront there are also many different types of wooden chairs, benches and potted plants placed there by locals, where are often used as props in photos.

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St. Isadore Farm

This site has an old Ctesiphon building dating back to the 1960s, and it is the only building of its kind in South Korea. The building was once used as accommodation for the farm, but the building’s unique architecture and rustic charm means it has now become a popular spot for photographers.

Once you’ve finished snapping away, you can also visit the St. Isidore Milk Cafe, serving up ice cream, milk tea and other drinks made with local organic milk. There are also funny milk carton shaped benches that are a good place to take a photo.

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Jeju Sculpture Park

There isn’t much to see here during the daytime, but by night the sculptures and trees of the Jeju Sculpture Park light up with around 40 different lighting displays, complete with musical accompaniment played through speakers around the park. After entering the park, you take a short circular walk around the forest to view all the different displays and lights. There are also various food stands open at the park.

Although the atmosphere of the park is bizarre and eerie at night, the lighting set ups which are shaped like different animals and flowers, are quite mesmerising to look at, and make for some interesting photos.

Young Post’s trip was sponsored by, HK Express, Korea Tourism Organisation and Jeju Tourism Organisation.


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