7 apps to find public toilets, get to the right MTR exit, track your health and more, to make your life easier in Hong Kong

7 apps to find public toilets, get to the right MTR exit, track your health and more, to make your life easier in Hong Kong

Life in the 852 is hectic enough so check out these seven apps that bring essential info (like the nearest public toilets) right to your phone

1. Water for Free

This has a database of more than 1,000 water fountains and dispensers around Hong Kong, and will locate the ones nearest you. Supported by fast food chains, independent restaurants, coffee shops and community centres, Water for Free was set up in the hopes of reducing environmental damage caused by excessive, unnecessary plastic drinks bottles. Not only does it help you “go green”, it means you can save money.

2. Toilet Rush

As you may have guessed from the name, this useful app provides the most detailed guide to public, or publically accessible, toilets in Hong Kong. Apart from sharing the exact location and photos, it also tells you what facilities are available, such as whether there’s toilet paper. Users can also rate the toilets on a range of aspects such as ventilation and cleanliness, which helps subsequent users. This app may come as close to saving your life as any can when you are in desperate need of  a loo! 

3. Pokeguide

Do you often find yourself frustrated because you’re wasting time and energy walking from an MTR carriage which is at the opposite end of the station to the exit you need? Pokeguide tells you where to board the train so that you are close to the escalator nearest the exit you want. Not only does it save you time when you are in a hurry, it also helps you to avoid the chaos during busy office hours. 

4. Sparktake

Sparktake’s slogan is “The book you abandon can be other’s treasure”. This trading platform for second-hand books hopes to promote a reading culture in the city by providing a way for booklovers to easily buy and sell pre-loved books, and a chatroom where they can chat about favourite reads. The app is building a community among bibliophiles, as well as saving tonnes of books from ending up in the landfill.

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5. Timable

If you’ve run out of ideas of where to hang out with friends and families, Timable might be just what you need. It offers handy information on all kinds of events taking place in the city, including sports competitions, art exhibitions, and the occasional sales event, along with times, venues and ticket prices. With this ever-updating app, you need never be bored again!

6. My Wellness Tracker HK

Hongkongers are often too busy to keep track of what we have eaten each day, if we got enough sleep, or whether we’ve done sufficient exercise to keep us fit. This app, created by Chinese University’s Centre for Nutritional Studies, is a simple way to keep  an eye on the efforts you’re making to be healthy, and provides tailored advice on  what lifestyle changes we need to make, if any.

7. BloomMe

Bloom Me is a platform that allows you to browse, book and pay for beauty services at more than 1,000 salons and spas, at a discount. General information about like facilities are provided, as well as reviews, which are really helpful in helping you decide where to get your hair cut. Fantastic for beauties on a limited budget.

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