Five emergency Halloween costumes you can whip up in minutes!

Five emergency Halloween costumes you can whip up in minutes!

An old sheet, tin foil, toilet paper - use these common items to make a cracking Halloween outfit if you're short on cash or ideas


They had to come up with last minute costumes too!

It's Halloween tomorrow, and maybe you didn't have plans, but a last-minute party has come up. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a costume, but you want it to look like you made an effort. Whatever your excuse is for not going all out this year, Young Post has got you covered.

We've thrown together some of the easiest, and quickest, last-minute costumes you can think of, and most of them can be made with stuff you've got just lying around the house.

The ghost

A staple of any Halloween event, the ghost has been a solid contender for the world's easiest costume since humans have enjoyed white bedding. Seriously, does this even qualify as "making" a costume? Take some white fabric or cloth, throw it over your head, mark where you need eye holes (being careful not to stab yourself in the eye, of course; we don't take Halloween horror that seriously), take costume off, cut out the eye holes using scissors, and voila! If you're using a bed sheet, make sure that 1. it's not your mum's really expensive Egyptian cotton cloth that you just cut eye holes in, and b. you didn't accidentally use a fitted sheet, unless you're trying to be a ghost that is making some sort of weird fashion statement.

Harry Potter

Just shout "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" really loudly at everyone you meet. If that doesn't convince them, the costume can't save you. Seriously though - all you need is a black cloak, aka a black sheet or black material, a stick and some round glasses. Top your outfit off with a Gryffindor scarf (who doesn't have one of those on hand?) or, if you are really lazy, a plain burgundy scarf will do. Use some red facepaint, or failing that, even lipstick applied with a cotton bud will work, to make the signature lightning scar on your forehead.


Dressing up as one of the Egyptian undead is a great way to make it look like you've put in a lot of effort without really trying. Just grab some toilet roll and wrap it round yourself. Start with your torso and wrap toilet roll around your waist, working upwards towards your chest. Be careful not to put it on too tightly or it will rip when you move. Gently tie it in knots at various sections to hold it in place. Do the same around your legs, arms and head. The best part about this costume is that if it starts to unravel, it just adds to the authenticity. You can throw some baby powder on your face and darken your eyes for that sunken-eyed, "I've-been-dead-for-centuries" look.

Men in Black

Dressing up doesn't mean you have to look silly. Put on your sharpest black suit and a pair of sunglasses and you're one of the Men in Black. Roll some tinfoil into a cylinder to make the silver, pen-like tool they use to wipe people's memories, also known as the neuralyzer.

This also means you have a great conversation starter for any party you find yourself at; if the conversation gets boring, just exclaim that you've already talked about that and wiped their memories and change the subject.

Superman / Clark Kent

Who would have thought suits could be so versatile for Halloween? Take a blue Superman T-shirt and wear it underneath a white shirt.

Finish off with a suit and you're done. Unbutton the white shirt half way down, and dramatically pretend to rip it open. Wear some chunky glasses and talk about Lois Lane a lot if you really want to get into character.

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