Blood Brothers

Performing Arts
Thu 19:30 - Sat 21:00
HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre

Sixty-five of Hong Kong's best young dancers, singers and actors will present an imaginative and magical retelling of the funny, captivating and heartbreakingly sad Olivier Award-winning musical. The performers are aged between 10 and 22, from 30 schools and universities across Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Wanchai
TIME: 26 Nov 2015, Thu 19:30 to Sat 21:00
Price: HK$250, HK$200 for students; HK$280, HK$220 for adults
Venue address:
HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 1 Gloucester road, Wanchai

 2877 2656