2015 Hong Kong Diversity Youth Summit


This five-day conference, jointly organised by the Initiative for Peace (IFP) and Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, is welcoming applications from Hong Kong teens age 15-19. Selected applicants will receive room and board at the Li Po Chun campus over the course of the conference, and be able to participate in workshops and discussions on important issues related to diversity in Hong Kong.

Applicants should be passionate about the need for diversity in Hong Kong, and be eager to express their views and discuss their knowledge and experience when it comes to ethnicity and cultural diversity in the city. Topics of discussion will include conflict resolution, intercultural understanding and an exploration of leadership skills and how to work towards bettering Hong Kong through involvement with these issues.

Application deadline: February 28 at http://initiativeforpeace.wix.com/initiativeforpeace

The selected 40 to 50 participants will be announced in mid-March.

TIME: 27 May 2015, Wed to Sun