Five apps for Halloween

Five apps for Halloween

No costume? No party? Not a problem. The party's in your hands when you download one of these cool apps to scare yourself silly, or just have a little festive fun

1 Dark Meadow: The Pact

If, for some reason, you adore games that scare your pants off, you'll be all over this creepy, clever, and relentlessly terrifying fairytale, where "the sins of the past must be paid for". You awake in a hospital with no memory, and must defeat a witch and her roaming minions. Grab your crossbow and unravel the mystery using gesture-based controls in a dark app full of bizarre twists. Now go and put your pants back on.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

2 Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

Ever fancied yourself as a full-time ghost hunter? That's probably not what will boost your uni application, so vent your need to snoop on spooks with this awesome augmented-reality adventure inspired by the movies. The game gives you set missions, and transforms your surroundings into a ghoul-ridden game using your phone's screen. Go kick some ectoplasmic butt! (But don't be surprised if your quest to find "spirits" leads you to your dad's locked cabinet…)

Available: iOS/Android - Free

3 Shoot the Zombirds

We've all been woken up at 5am by the dawn chorus, or felt threatened by a massive hawk while hiking. Yes, the man vs birds war goes back millennia. Gunning down the squawkers tends to be illegal, but your sharp-shootin' skills and inner rage are put to the test in this anger-venting game of bird and zombie shooting. Grab your crossbow and defend little Pumpkids against demonic swarms of undead birds. And leave grandma's canary alone.

Available: Android - Free, iOS - HK$8

4 Pumpkin Carver Pro HD

Real pumpkins? They're messy, fiddly and kinda smelly. Prevent inevitable fits of rage and the orange-stained chaos that come with trying to copy that Joker carving you saw on Instagram by using your phone instead. Select from a range of tools to hack away at your digital Jack-o-lantern, and opt for a funny shape, a scary face, or a clever pop culture reference. Just don't set your phone on fire afterwards.

Available: Android - Free

5 Ghost Communicator 13 Detector

Ghosts, they live among us, duuuude. HK is kinda obsessed with where is and isn't haunted, but you can silence the rumours with your own, ghost-bustin' spirit locator. Cutting-edge spook-spying technology and a glowing green radar help you "see the other side" without a vacuum cleaner and a backpack - so 80s, right? Just don't blame us if one of those little red dots pops up in your closet and you never sleep with the lights off again …

Available: iOS/Android - Free

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