5 awesome apps to help you live that healthy lifestyle

5 awesome apps to help you live that healthy lifestyle

Tech gadgets are great for sitting back and relaxing on your sofa- but they're also great for doing the opposite! Get active!

Look after yourself! It's fun to play games like Candy Crush on your phone or tablet, but sometimes you need to put your devices to good use: to boost your wellbeing and take care of your health, for example. How can an app help? Read on …

Lumosity Mobile

Brain-training games are nothing new, because it's important to keep your grey matter in good order. Designed by neurologists, Lumosity is a training programme that promises to oil all the different cogs in your brain with fun challenges. Get into the swing of things by customising the various games and tracking your progress.

Available: iOS/Android - Free


With the MTR, video games and laptops, the 21st century doesn't exactly lend itself to an active lifestyle. All of us can probably admit we spend too much time sitting down, so this app tracks the distance you travel each day. This helps you to see how active you are and work on areas that need improving. It can also track the calories you've eaten to make sure you're doing the right amount of exercise to stay healthy.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep? Bah! Who has time for that when there's Snapchat. It's an old cliché, but it's true when people say sleep is the best beauty remedy. Getting the right amount of sleep is vital to staying focused at school, maintaining a healthy weight, and looking your best on the morning bus. Turn on this app when you go to bed and it'll monitor how much sleep you're getting, and wake you up during your lightest sleep phase.

Available: iOS/Android - HK$8

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

It may sound like a boring version of Zombies, Run! but The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game has an exciting story to make sure you take enough steps each day: a bomb explodes in a Scottish train station and you're given a package that could save the world. To stay alive, you'll need to walk the length of Britain. So much more than just a pedometer: get marching!

Available: iOS/Android - HK$23

Phobia Free

Scared of spiders? A lot of people are. If it gives you chills even to think about the eight-legged furry beasts, then it might be worth tackling that phobia. This clever app teaches relaxation techniques using a virtual therapist. It uses games showing gradually more realistic spiders, before the final goal - interaction with a tarantula. Do it! Soon you'll be laughing in the face of fear.

Available: iOS - HK$53 (not available on Android)

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