5 apps for the nature nerd in you

5 apps for the nature nerd in you

Next time you visit one of Hong Kong's gorgeous country parks to see the creatures and plants that thrive away from the city smog, make sure you have one of these cool apps


In some areas of Hong Kong, it's sadly a novelty to see even a real tree. Luckily, there's a good number of urban and country parks around, so you're never too far from the carbon-inhaling, oxygen-exhaling wonders. If you want to know a little bit more about our wooded friends, this app will help you identify the type of tree by its leaves. The colourful database of photos and interesting facts covers flowers, fruits, seeds, and bark. Un-be-leaf-ably informative! 

Available: iOS - Free

iTrack Wildlife

If you can't tell the difference between the prints left by a wild boar and a cow, or a cat or a hog-nosed skunk and a beaver, this handy app is here to stop you from looking like a fool on your next nature walk. Flicking through the photos and diagrams of animal tracks, skulls and species, you can find out what kind of creature you're tailing. It's primed for a US audience, but can still be useful in Hong Kong until someone develops one here.

Available: iOS - HK$118

Audubon Field Guides

Seen the Spiderwick Chronicles and wish you could have a beautiful guide to the hidden wildlife around you? Fairies and gnomes may not be included, but Audubon Field Guides are the king of nature-studying apps. Rather than presenting all the information in one guide, a series of smaller apps are split into topics, such as insects and spiders, mushrooms, fishes, owls, and butterflies, so you only use your phone's memory for stuff you're interested in. Filled with noises, professional photos, diagrams, and fascinating facts.

Available: iOS/Android - from HK$38 to HK$78

Country Parks Tree Walks

Finally: a nature-based app designed specifically for Hong Kong! The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department set up a series of Tree Walks in local country parks to familiarise people with a variety of common or interesting tree species. This app has all 16 trails in one place, as well as information about the 96 kinds of trees you'll be able to spot while hiking all around the islands.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Project Noah

Have fun finding wildlife while helping to document our planet's biodiversity. That's the aim of Project Noah, which turns your phone into a 21st century butterfly net and may be key to saving species in the future. Take a picture of the critter you've spotted, tag its location, and see what kinds of plants and animals others have found in the same area. Don't know what that goofy-looking bug is? Leave it to the community to find out.

Available: iOS/Android - Free


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