Don't be lost for words - 5 apps for writers

Don't be lost for words - 5 apps for writers

Writers' block can be a problem for budding authors. Don't worry. There are clever tools that can offer inspiration for creative minds

At Young Post, we're constantly impressed by your short story-writing skills. Don't let that talent go to waste! Nurture it with one of these useful apps.


Starting out as a writer, one of the biggest challenges is getting people other than your mum to read your work. Or you may find yourself isolated in your own thought process. Wattpad calls itself the world's largest community for readers and writers - think of it as the YouTube of writing. Not only can you tap into inspiring reads from around the globe, you can also share your own work in chapters and get feedback from word-hungry readers.

Available: iOS/Android - Free


You have a great plot in mind, but need to work out how to turn it into a fully-fledged story. This app does a beautiful job of helping to map out your thoughts and introduce order to the chaos. It's not designed purely for authors, but is a great little tool to have during the crucial planning process, and helps to capture the thoughts pinging around. A very simple, clean interface lets you get your ideas down quickly before focusing on the details.

Available: iOS - HK$78 (Try SimpleMind for Android - Free)

The Brainstormer

Not just another mind-mapping app, Brainstormer is a very clever, idea-sparking tool that offers inspiration for a creative mind. Writers' block can be a big headache for any author - whether well-established or amateur. A fun, vintage-style interface lets you spin a set of wheels to randomly generate story ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Use "world builder" to create unexpected settings, the "character builder" for interesting characters, and the "sci-fi brainstormer" to introduce a fantasy element.

Available: iOS/Android - HK$15

Writers App

The makers certainly didn't waste any brainpower on the name of this simple yet handy app. As it says on the tin, Writers App is a tool for the aspiring author who has a great idea but needs a little help getting it off the ground. It helps you build a blueprint, from the initial idea to organising all the major plot points, developing setting, and fleshing out your characters. When you've finished, you can export your notes in a file.

Available: iOS - Free (not available on Android)

Lists for writers

When you're scratching around for inspiration, this handy app jumps to your aid in a quick and friendly format (rainbow colours!). Can't think of a good name for your lead character? Not sure how to spell the name of an obscure Mongolian town? By providing list after list of prompts and oiling the gears of creativity, this app lets you do the research without the need for Google, which, as we all know, is a fast-track to procrastination.

Available: iOS/Android - HK$23

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