Brain boost! Five cool apps to help you learn science

Brain boost! Five cool apps to help you learn science

Whether you want to learn more about the universe or take a virtual tour of the human body, these apps allow you to hold science in your own hands ...

Exam results are out and the holidays are in full swing. When just relaxing on the sofa or playing computer games gets boring, it can be a welcome break to do something to stimulate your senses. These science apps are brilliant, and will save your grey matter from going ga-ga this summer.

Star Walk

One for walks on clear summer nights or camping, this app is pretty well known but still manages to amaze us by adjusting to your location and showing you where all the constellations are. Using augmented reality and your camera, all you need to do is point your device skywards to see a matching view of all the celestial bodies. Dreamy.

Available: iOS/Android - HK$23

Anatomy 4D

Want to learn about body parts, but don't want to get all icky by doing a dissection? This app also uses augmented reality to give you a virtual tour of the human body. You print out a page with the "target" image on it and aim your camera at it. The app then displays a 3D image of the human body and its organs and systems. The interface is pretty serious-looking, but it makes up with amazing graphics and great detail.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Sound Uncovered

How does your brain affect what you hear? The Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum in San Francisco, in the US, has created this app to help understand just that. Cleverly designed and easy to navigate, it digs deeper into the world of sound with articles, videos, and interactive experiments. Let's not give too much more away: the fun of this is finding out for yourself.

Available: iOS - Free

Dino Digger

Pretty much every kid has wanted to be an archaeologist at some point. Digging up bones, piecing together history, getting to wear khaki clothes … the fun is surely endless! With Dino Digger, you can excavate the bones of 18 prehistoric reptiles, build them into interactive 3D skeletons, bring them to life, and learn some cool facts along the way. The interface is really simple, which makes for mindless fun outside the classroom.

Available: iOS/Android -HK$15


We've all used the majestic and rather nosy Google Earth, but geo app Earthviewer takes globe-based gazings up a level by allowing users to explore the planet's geological past, present and future. Track cities and landmarks, find out about major eras, and watch continents accelerate across the Earth. Big snore, you say? Wait until you find out where Hong Kong will be in 50 million years' time …

Available: iOS/Android - Free

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