5 maths apps that will let you play your way to better grades

5 maths apps that will let you play your way to better grades

Don't waste your free time: use it to stretch your brain. Lauren James found five awesome maths apps that'll soon see you owning that test - or just amazing your friends when you can split the restaurant bill without a calculator

Math Workout

Like to break a mental sweat? It's time to put those brain cells through their paces! This app may not have the most exciting design, but it promises to get your on-the-spot arithmetic up to speed when used once a day. Choose from the different topics, which include "addition and subtraction", "multiplication and division" and our favourite, "the brain cruncher."

Available: iOS/Android - FREE

King of Math Junior

A team favourite here at Young Post, King of Math Junior is a mathematics game set in medieval times. Playing as a fearless knight, you try to climb the social ladder by answering questions and solving puzzles. Best of all, there's the option to compete against friends and family. Collect stars and medals as reward for your mental valiance and become a king or queen of maths.

Available: iOS/Android - FREE


Designed to look like a cross between an arcade game and everyone's favourite, Candy Crush, Mathtopia is a colourful mind-twister that makes the most of the touch screen platform. The game makes it fun to memorise number bonds by rewarding stars for the speed of your answer and tracking your progress through the levels - similar to the Angry Birds rating. Complete all levels once, then return to polish your skills by working towards the coveted three-star rating.

Available: iOS/Android - FREE for 'lite' version

Math vs Undead

Reluctant to do your sums unless there's an undead horde of flesh-eaters trying to eat your juicy, well-exercised brain? This one's for you. Putting an educational spin on the classic shooter game, Math vs Undead will have your brain working overtime to solve number problems and fend off an onslaught of zombies with pens, triangles and rulers. More naughty than nightmarish, the red-eyed zombies will ensure your next exam is a doddle.

Available: iOS/Android - FREE

Brain Tuner 2 Pro

One of the top-selling brain-teaser apps, this addictive game uses different levels to challenge your ability and track your mental prowess. A slightly freaky walking brain character guides you through a quick series of equations and answers that you must deem "right" or "wrong". You'll need to be operating at maximum capacity to quickly answer all the tricky tests this app throws your way, but the makers say that even playing for only a minute a day will have your brain fine-tuned in no time.

Available: iOS/Android - HK$7.72


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