5 retro games like Pac-Man and Tetris you can play on your phone for free

5 retro games like Pac-Man and Tetris you can play on your phone for free

If you don’t recognise the characters below, you need to rectify that immediately. Download these games now!

Old games are making a big return this year with early consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the PlayStation 1 getting remastered. Updating the old games and consoles is a great way to lure older gamers who grew up with them back to gaming, while also introducing the classics to younger players.

Not all of us can afford a remastered console, though. Fear not: Young Post has found a bunch of classic games you can get for free on your phone.

Old School Runescape (Jagex Game Studio)

Remember when you played your first MMORPG on your computer online? (Pepperidge Farm remembers.) Sadly, one of the all-time classic browser games, Runescape, has been removed from the web. Just recently, though, Runescape’s creator Jagex Game Studio, relaunched it on both the Google Play store and Apple App store. Now, the browser classic can be easily played on-the-go on any smartphone. What’s even better, is that you can log back into your old account – if any of you are old enough to have had one, that is.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario and Luigi, one of the gaming world’s most famous sibling duos, have already made their presence felt in mobile gaming with Super Mario Run. Mario’s oldest rival, Sonic – Sonic’s developer Sega was as popular as Nintendo, and the two characters were equally huge – now joins him with Sonic the Hedgehog. The crazy-fast blue hedgehog isn’t just on one mobile game, though – if you race through the first Sonic, then Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 are also available for free on the Play and App stores.


Tetris is one of the most famous puzzle games of all time, and the most sold game ever. It’s theme tune was instantly recognisable, and 90s kids spent hours trying to prevent their walls from getting too tall. Now, the tile-matching game can be downloaded onto your phone – with a few fun updates. If you get bored of competing against yourself, challenge your friends to a Tetris-off in Explorer mode, and compare your stats against theirs.

Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze


The dot-eating Pac-Man has been a staple of the gaming world since he appeared in arcades in the 1980s. It was just a matter of time before he made it to mobile gaming. He has received an upgrade in his move to the smartphone with Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze. It comes with a new 3D layout, new levels, and even new power-ups. If your daily commute is long, there are few better ways to pass the time than with a quick game (or four) of Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze.

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Q*bert: Rebooted

You might have seen Q*bert in Wreck-it Ralph . If you didn’t recognise him, don’t worry – we’re not sure many of you will. For many older gamers, however, seeing the armless, orange creature was a reminder of hours spent solving his puzzles. 

Q*bert: Rebooted gives this arcade game character a new lease of life, as his mind-boggling puzzles are now available to solve on your mobile phone. You can also switch to the classic pack to experience the game as it used to be played. It’s properly retro.

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