5 best things to do at Retro.hk Gaming Expo 2018

5 best things to do at Retro.hk Gaming Expo 2018

The venue has been switched to the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre at CityU this year, but the classic gaming fest is still just as fun


Time to play some classic games!
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Retro.HK Gaming Expo is back for 2018! Running from September 26 to October 2 this year, working retro game consoles will be available for all to play for free at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre of CityU HK.

Classic games such as Super Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter and much more will operate on consoles ranging from the Atari 5200 to the first generation Xbox. Most of these systems will be plugged into old school televisions (the old cathode ray tubes) so you’ll get the full authentic retro experience.

It’s not just games that are on display though. Seminars and tournaments will be happening too, so here’s how to experience the best the expo has to offer this year.

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Walk in and GAME

Even though most of the games are on display on the third and ninth floor of the building, you are greeted with six different games in the lobby of the centre. The first game you will see is the original Super Mario Bros. Hop on with a friend on 2-player mode and try to get as far as possible with three lives each. However, Sega Bass Fishing is the real star of the show with its unique Sega Dreamcast fishing controller. Try and reel in a record-breaking bass before heading up to enjoy more games.

Start from the top

Take the lift all the way up to the ninth floor and work your way down. The Fighting Game Zone has every game in the Street Fighter series all the way up to Street Figther III so hadoken your way through all of them. If you’re feeling feisty, you can even challenge a stranger as most consoles have two controllers. If Street Fighter is not your cup of tea, give other venerable series such as Tekken and King of Fighters a try.

These still work!?
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Third floor is where it’s at

Once you are done with the ninth floor head down to the third floor where all the other classic games are. The real gems on this floor are all the different consoles from different generations lined up just for you to try. Smash your friends (onscreen) at Super Smash Bros. Melee on Gamecube, drive on a vintage Sega steering wheel controller, or shoot in style with an Atari Light Gun as well.

After the gaming, take a look at Lego brick pixel art by the Brick A Project team and flex your artistic muscles a bit on the gram.

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Cute Lego pixel art.
Photo: Alejo Rodriguez Lo/SCMP

Seminars and talks
If you want to learn more about retro gaming or the origins of games, consider going to the different seminars spread out through the days. The highlight of the entire event will be a talk with Manami Matsumae, the music composer of the original Megaman game. Fans can meet her on Sunday, September 30 from 3.30-7.00pm at the M1060 multimedia theatre on the first floor. Register first at the Retro.hk Facebook page, seats are limited.


Game tournaments will be held from September 27 all the way to October 1. Speed runs, Smash tourneys, fighting games and even head-to-head Tetris battles will get your blood pumping, so check out the schedule and pick the games you want to see.

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