How to recruit the canine companion Boomer 'The Good Boy' in Far Cry 5

How to recruit the canine companion Boomer 'The Good Boy' in Far Cry 5

Man’s best friend is your best bet at tagging all the enemies in an area


Who's a good boy? And can bring you a random weapon if you're running out of ammo?
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With nine recruitable companions to help you in your fight against Joseph Seed and his Eden’s Gate cult in Far Cry 5, you won’t have to liberate everything by your lonesome self. Today we look at the first of your potential squadmates, Boomer “The Good Boy”.

Boomer is a loyal canine whose owners have sadly been killed by the fanatics of Eden’s gate. He excels in scouting out the area if you plan on going in stealthily instead of guns blazing, but his low health makes him slightly fragile. If you unlock the “Leadership” perk in the bottom skill tree, you can take along two companions with you instead of one, so you can choose a tankier ally as the other.

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How to recruit him

Head to Rae-Rae’s pumpkin farm (northeast of Fall’s End, the first major settlement you will probably run into). After clearing out all the enemies that have overrun the farm, all you have to do is go revive an injured Boomer near the middle of the farm. He’ll be very distraught at first but if you pet him, he’ll cheer up a bit and become your newest sidekick.

Perk 1: Pointer

Boomer has a great sense of smell, and will tag all the enemies in an area. This will mark them with red diamonds on your HUD and make it much easier to track them. Perfect if you want to snipe down a few baddies from afar before you go in to clear an outpost.

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Perk 2: Retriever

Like all good hunting dogs, Boomer can efficiently find and fetch important things. In this case, Boomer will sometimes retrieve a random weapon from a fallen enemy and bring it right to you. This doesn’t trigger very often so don’t rely on it too much, but it’s a nice bonus if you find yourself running out of ammo in a tight spot.

Remember, taking out the bad guys in Far Cry 5 is always better with friends and who better to take than Boomer, man’s best friend!


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