Love and Producer 101: how to play this insanely popular game

Love and Producer 101: how to play this insanely popular game

You’ve read about WHY people play the game but, in case you were wondering, here is HOW you play the game


The four main characters in Love and Producer.

Love and Producer is a sort of romantic visual novel that you can play like a game, and the four male characters are voiced by famous mainland voice actors.

Who do you play?

You play the owner of your late father’s production company, and you are trying to produce an amazing TV show. To do that, you need to ask for help from the four men in the game – Li Zeyan, Bai Qi, Xu Mo, and Zhou Qiluo.

Who are they?

Li is a 28-year-old CEO / rich businessman, Bai is a 24-year-old police officer, Xu is a 26-year-old scientist, and Zhou is a 22-year-old celebrity.

Each of the characters have their own romantic stories for you to complete, including two sections within the game called “Date” and “City Walks”. To go on dates in “Date”, you need to complete “City Walks”.

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How do you do that?

Here’s an example: If you want to go to the amusement park with Xu, then you need to reach level three in “City Walks”. In his “City Walks” section, you have to help people you meet within the city to get him to like you better. The more people you help, the more he likes you, and the more dates you’ll get to go on.

How do you advance in the main story?

To make hit TV shows (which, after all, is what your character wants to do), you need to collect character cards, which are randomly given out after you complete a mission in “City Walks” or after a date.

Each card has a different value, and will affect how your shows are being viewed by people within the game’s world. The four values are SSR, SR, R, and N. The most sought-after one is SSR, because it’s the most powerful, but it’s also the rarest. Using an SSR card to produce a show within Love and Producer will mean you can move onto the next chapter of the story that much more quickly.

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Is there another way to collect the cards?

Yes – by forking out real money. When I first started playing, I was only able to collect two SR cards by playing normally. I paid eight yuan (HK$9.80) to get the SR card I actually wanted and, later on, started paying a monthly fee of 30 yuan. This might not be the case for other people, but I think it’s worth it to be able to say to my friends that I know more about my four boyfriends, and have gone on more dates with them than my friends have with theirs.

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