5 tips for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds beginners who know nothing

5 tips for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds beginners who know nothing

Time is ticking and the battlefield is shrinking, so here are expert tips for the newbies out there just starting Battlegrounds


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has turned into a thriving e-sport favourite.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a thrilling, action-packed game where players battle against a hundred others for survival. They must loot zones in search of weapons and vehicles, but those zones are constantly shrinking. Often, winning is a mixture of luck and skill – but here are five basic tips to help you get to grips with the skill part.

Learn the map

The key is knowing where the best loot can be found. These include high risk and high reward areas on the map such as the Military Base, Prison, Hospital and School.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a strategic mix of survial and shooter skill

Loot and Scoot

Never stay in one place too long as the zone will continue to encroach. As soon as you finish getting what you need, move on. Keep in mind your storage space; don’t loot unnecessary items such as ammo for side arms or gas cans for vehicles. Instead, target weapons, armour and first aid tools.

Keybindings and game settings

As there are a lot of controls, check them before entering the game so that you understand what each key does. Make sure the settings are attuned to your own needs.

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Use third-person viewing

Holding the alt key allows you to look around in third person without moving your character’s body. So, while running, you can check if another player is trying to shoot at you and where they are.

Game sense

This is probably the most important skill, but also something that takes time to develop. But, in general, the key is to find your own spot away from other players so that you have less competition, but also somewhere with resources. Listen for the sound of weapons to try and pinpoint where other players might be. Keep a look-out for enemies hiding, especially if they are wearing Ghillie suits!

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