Gran Turismo Sport is the most advanced racing simulator to date, but isn’t the perfect game [Review]

Gran Turismo Sport is the most advanced racing simulator to date, but isn’t the perfect game [Review]

Technical improvements and pristine graphics offer a realistic simulator experience but it might prove slightly frustrating to casual gamers


There are more than 150 cars to choose from in GT Sport, including concept and rally cars.
Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment HK Ltd

Like the previous Gran Turismo games, Sport oozes professionalism and class. You really do feel like a racecar driver when you play this game - there are no gimmicks. That makes it perfect for serious gamers and racing fanatics.

The game’s graphics are pristine - and quite possibly the best of any racing game on the market. There is an incredible amount of detail put into the 159 cars on the roster, coming from the usual revered brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and for the first time, ever Porsche. An absolute treat for car fanatics, who want to know what it feels like to drive otherwise unaffordable cars.

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With that being said, this is no Mario Kart. Casual gamers may find Sport frustrating because of the steep learning curve and lack of “thrilling” bonuses. Its rival game, the Xbox One’s Forza 7 on the other hand, is full of loot boxes and constantly rewards players with “stuff”. It’s easier to track progress, and is in some ways, more satisfying. In that sense, Sport really feels more like a sport, than a video game.

The track simulators are also strikingly similar to the real thing, according to Hong Kong racing sensation Shaun Thong. “It’s hard to book many hours at the real tracks, so the game can help us to learn the course layout beforehand and lets us make better use of track time,” he explained at the HK launch event.

The online mode has always improved leaps and bounds from the last edition, but there have also been few upgrades made for single-player mode.

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As always, Gran Turismo is ahead of the curb when it comes to race simulation. The cars feel heavy, the engines rumble nicely and the tires handle smoothly. If you have the PS4’s Virtual Reality add-on, the driving looks and feels even better.

The gameplay is smoother and easier than Forza 7’s, but the margin for error is far slimmer. Just like in real life, one error will cost you dearly on the racetrack.

What it comes down to is this: GT Sport is the best game out there for true car and racing fanatics, but isn’t “fun” the way a Mario Kart or even Forza 7 is. If you love cars or have always dreamed of being a racecar driver, Sport is the game for you. If you enjoy racing for thrills or if you like to play games to relax, there are some better alternatives out there.

Disclaimer: This review was written with a review copy provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited.

Edited by Jamie Lam


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