PS4 exclusive Knack 2 is a bigger, better beat ‘em up than its predecessor [Review]

PS4 exclusive Knack 2 is a bigger, better beat ‘em up than its predecessor [Review]

The sequel offers serious improvements from the first edition, with slick new moves, solid action and simple but satisfying puzzles


Knack grows in size and power as you collect blocks and relics.
Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong

Meet Knack - your little - but sometimes big-as-a-building robot friend who is made up of blocks and loves a good knock. Controlling him is a lot easier the second time around as his movements - running, jumping, dodging and climbing all feel smooth and natural.

Like in the first edition, Knack has the ability to transform between his big and little versions - his signature ability. This not only adds an interesting strategic element to the game, but makes players switch back and forth between finding our hero cute, or deadly.

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In addition to having an improved storyline and more logical transitions between fighting and puzzles, Knack 2 also moves a lot quicker and, overall, flows much better than its predecessor.

The fighting mechanics are what have improved most, as there are several new moves to choose from. You can kick as well as punch and string together unique fighting combinations. The better dodging and blocking mechanics make it possible to take on larger hordes of enemies. And, you can jump in the air and body slam multiple foes at once. Overall, the action in Knack 2 is far more dynamic.

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There is a co-op mode that allows gamers playing with friends to have a handful of awesome perks. For example, punching your buddy’s Knack causes him to shoot projectiles, body-slamming him causes an explosive radius that obliterates enemies. Oh - and you can teleport to wherever your friend is at any point, too.

Knack 2 was an unexpected sequel, seeing as the original received less than favourable reviews. But even though it wasn’t expected, it should be appreciated - it looks to be one of the better games released in the second half of 2017.

Disclaimer: This review was written with a review copy provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited.

Edited by Jamie Lam

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