Overwatch is a unique shooter that breaks the mold [Review]

Overwatch is a unique shooter that breaks the mold [Review]


Each character is built for a specific purpose.

Overwatch is a unique game in that it in no way fits the mould of a multiplayer shooting game, yet manages to capture the hearts of beginner and avid gamers alike. Most shooting games feature a player donning a suit, running with a gun and grenades, blowing away a dozen enemies in single shots.

Overwatch, however, focuses on teamwork. Any player who rushes at more than one enemy is shot down in a second, while a well-coordinated team can win a match in minutes.

In a genre occupied by mediocre twitch shooting skills, Overwatch delivers a more considered, tactical affair. It tests your abilities to assess and react. A player must make hundreds of split-second decisions throughout a game - when to pile on the pressure, who to pick off and when to hang back.

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There’s a reason for such a large cast – 24 unique characters – with varying abilities: they’re all built for a specific purpose.

The character depth is another feature that sets Overwatch apart from other shooters. Each character has a very different appearance, ability, playing style, strength and weakness.

There’s a Grim Reaper look-alike, an icicle-shooting climate change scientist, a mech piloting gamer, a roller-skating and wall-riding DJ with a loud speaker, and – the face of Overwatch – a teleporting, time travelling adventurer.

But don’t be worried about a single player dominating the match because for every great character, there are two characters for you to counter with.

Overwatch is a game oozing with joy, charm and colour, but beyond the surface is a tactical chessboard in which your mentality and co-operation is the most powerful weapon.

Anybody who has grown bored of shooter games will undoubtedly fall in love with the genre again after just a few minutes of Overwatch.

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