Pokemon Go developers Niantic release 80 new monsters in massive update to draw fans back

Pokemon Go developers Niantic release 80 new monsters in massive update to draw fans back

If you've quit the game, maybe this is a reason to start again


(Clockwise from top left) Corsola, Mantine, Teddiursa, Sentret, Spinarak and Misdreavus are just six of the new pocket monsters lurking in a neighbourhood near you.
Photo: Leon Lee, Susan Ramsay/SCMP

Two days ago, Pokemon Go developers Niantic announced that they would be releasing more than 80 new monsters into the wild "this week", in a long-awaited Gen 2 update. They're clearly finally listening to players: as promised, the new additions appeared this morning, just in time for weekend hunts and battles.

If you ran out of patience with the game, or got tired of only ever meeting your grandma and her buddies at the Gym, this update might just give you new hope, and/or a new reason to (re)install the game. The new monsters are from the Johto Region of the game, and include those from Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

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Other updates include two new Berries, new avatar outfits, and bonus Candies for catching Evolved Pokemon, according the Niantic Labs' website.

We sent loyal fan (she never gave up on the game!) and YP Editor Susan out to Tai Po Waterfront Park to see if she could catch 'em all. Or, you know, one or two. 

She said "It's extremely easy to catch the new Pokemon, plus there were plenty of high-scoring ones from the previous release lurking around. If you're looking for star dust, it's very easy to get it RIGHT NOW, but who knows how long that will last.

"My favourite is the ferret, Furret: it's just too cute. It's like an Eevee with attitude."

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Ramsay added that it's "not clear, from a first go, what the new berries do", but it appears the Pinap Berry is meant to make Pokemon drop more candy, and the Nanab Berry will slow a creature's movements to make it easier to catch. Handy.

Before we forced her back to the office to, like, read some pages, she managed to swiftly seize 11 of the new additions (and a whole bunch of the old ones)


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