9 games you should be looking forward to in 2017

9 games you should be looking forward to in 2017

This year we were blessed with Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and Final Fantasy XV, to name but a few. There’s no denying that 2016 was a great year for games, but could 2017 top it? Here are the top 9 games you should be looking forward to in the new year.

1 Injustice 2

This sequel is under a lot of pressure to live up to expectations. The first Injustice game set the bar high, and, according to the developers, this follow up will have the largest variety of characters of any DC game to date.

Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Publisher: WB games

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Genre: Fighting

2 God of War

God of War is the eighth instalment in the God of War series. Having such a long series is testament to its success. The game will serve as a soft reboot for the franchise and will take place in Norse mythology, as opposed to its predecessors which were based on Greek mythology. As one of the best third-person action-adventure game series to date, it has a lot of expectations to live up to. The game will act as a sequel to 2010’s God of War III. Series protagonist Kratos will return as the main character. Since taking revenge on the Olympian Gods in God of War III, Kratos is now living with his son in the world of Norse gods. Kratos will act as a mentor as well as a protector to his son, and has to master the rage that has driven him for countless years.

Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Action-adventure

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3 Halo Wars 2

The real-time strategy (RTS) game from 2009 known as Halo Wars is welcoming a sequel in the form of Halo Wars 2. Since the game was first announced at the 2015 Gamescom, the hype surrounding it has only increased. Part of the Halo series, Halo Wars 2 will also be an RTS game. Halo Wars 2 is expected to be released on February 21, 2017. The game sees the return of the Human Crew, and is set in the year 2559. It includes a brand new alien faction known only as the Banished.

Developer: 343 Industries, Creative Assembly

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Genre: RTS (real-time strategy)

4 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the first original Zelda game released for the Nintendo Wii U. It will also be available for the upcoming Nintendo Switch (also planned for 2017). The game is one of the most anticipated games of 2017, so much so that it there is speculation it will become the “system seller”. There is so much hype around this game that it may be worth delaying the release of the console until Breath of the Wild can be released alongside it. It will be the 19th main instalment in the Legend of Zelda series, as well as being the first Zelda game in HD. The story is once again set in Hyrule. It follows the protagonist Link, who has seemingly lost his memory after a 100-year slumber. He awakens from this slumber to a mysterious voice that guides him in this new adventure to defeat Calamity Ganon.

Developer: Nintendo EPD

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Wii U, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action-adventure

5 Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn will be the first game developed by Guerrilla Games since 2004 that will not be part of the Killzone series. This upcoming action role-playing game will be set in a world overrun by robots. The plot revolves around Aloy, who is both a hunter and archer living in the world full of robots. Aloy use weapons, as well as certain stealth tactics, to combat the mechanical creatures whose remains can be looted. The game takes place in an open world where gameplay is done in third person. Surprisingly, the game won’t have a tutorial, due to the fact that Guerrilla Games emphasises the importance of trial and error. Considering how great Killzone is, this game holds a lot of promise.

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Action role-playing

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6 Detroit: Become Human

One of the most complex games ever, Detroit: Become Human will have never-before-seen mechanics. The interactive, third person, action-adventure game has multiple playable characters. The game is presented as a neo-noir thriller which is set in a world with androids. The player is able to make interactive decisions within the game, deciding the fate of the characters and modifying the story. As a result, there is no “game over” screen following a character’s death, as the story can continue without most characters. The story will branch out depending on the decisions the player makes. This game is set to be one of the most complex games of 2017.

Developer: Quantic Dream

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Action-adventure

7 Prey

Prey is an upcoming first person shooter video game with a strong narrative as well as role-playing game elements. The game takes place in an alternate universe where United States president John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in 1963. Kennedy would then direct more funding into the space program allowing it to flourish. It takes place in the year 2032, aboard a space station called the Talos I which orbits the Earth’s moon. The protagonist, Morgan Yu is a human aboard of the Talos I where there are numerous hostile aliens. The game allows the player to select Yu’s attributes, including the gender of Yu. The decisions made by the player will directly affect the game’s storyline. The main concept of the game involves the player controlling Yu and fighting to defeat the aliens. Initially, this game was planned as a sequel to the original Prey game, however, it eventually became a re-imagining of the original game instead.

Developer: Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Genre: First-person shooter

8 Outlast 2

A sequel to the 2013 game Outlast, Outlast 2 is a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels. The game will feature a journalist named Blake Langermann alongside his wife Lynn as they roam through the Arizona desert in a quest to explore the murder of Jane Doe. Blake and Lynn end up getting separated and Blake has to find her through a village inhabited by a cult who believes the end of the world is near. This game is a must have for those horror game fans out there, as it will be a fright for the ages.

Developer: Red Barrels Studio

Publisher: Red Barrels Studio

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh

Genre: Survival horror

9 Scalebound

Who doesn’t like dragons? In Scalebound, the player assumes control of Drew, who is accompanied by a dragon called Thuban. Players can use a variety of weapons and skills to defeat enemies and are able to issue commands to the dragon. Unlike the other games developed by PlatinumGames, Scalebound focuses more on graphical qualities and the role-playing aspect, instead of action.

Developer: PlatinumGames

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Platform: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Genre: Action role-playing

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