Young Post team reacts to the iPhone 7 ad

Young Post team reacts to the iPhone 7 ad


That is 7. This is a caption.
Photo: Dickson Lee/SCMP

The brand spanking new iPhone 7 is launching tomorrow, and, as always, Apple delivers on another memorable campaign to mark the event. Here's what the YP team thinks of this reallyreallyfastpacedcommercial:

"I’m so disappointed, though not surprised, that James Corden is an iPhoner. And no, thank you, stop changing blimmin' jacks – leave the earphones alone, so I can use any pair I have to hand. And Sony went waterproof years ago. And how is “black” such a revelation? The camera looks great as ever, I’ll give them that. But they do NOTHING to convince me to switch from ANY OTHER BRAND to Apple. Sorry, diehards."
- Karly Cox, deputy editor

"The video makes me so tired."
- Young Wang, web reporter

"I wonder how much use I’d get out of the AirPods before I lost them."
- Lucy Christie, sub-editor

"Well it’s a pretty well executed video. But waterproof...? My trusty Samsung is pretty waterproof, thanks. And I’ve seen how much the wireless headphones are that Apple wants you to buy – yeah that’s not happening. So I’d be stuck using the charge port. So I’d not be able to charge and use headphones at the same time. The camera looks boss. The shiny ‘new thing!’ aspect is pretty hype, but I’m just gonna stick with what I’ve got. Come back to me when the iPhone has dual-sim capabilities."
- Ginny Wong, sub-editor

"Great Ad. If only they had spent that amount of money on actual improvements."
- Susan Ramsay, editor

" I miss Steve Jobs."
- Ben Pang, reporter

"Flashing words won’t distract from something that is actually boring. I’m surprised they didn’t add the word “EXTREME!!!” in there somewhere."
- Sam Gusway, sub-editor

"I love this ad from a video editing perspective, it makes me go, 'I don't know why, but I'm excited!' I like my iPhone, and I like the idea of a better camera. The AirPods look dumb, though. I'd lose them in a day. Or my future furkids will eat them."
- Heidi Yeung, web sub-editor

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