Superstar SMTown lets you be a K-pop sensation in your own living room [Review]

Superstar SMTown lets you be a K-pop sensation in your own living room [Review]

Do you love Kpop? You’re in luck with Superstar SMTown, a Guitar Hero-like game created by Dalcomsoft Inc and featuring the musical talents at SM Entertainment, an entertainment company in Korea. Superstar SMTown is a musical rhythm game in which you must hit the right notes at the right time to receive a high score. It even features music by SM Entertainment stars such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and TaeYeon.

Unlike other note-hitting music games, Superstar SMTown also features a card-collecting feature. These “cards” have pictures of the latest and greatest Korean artists – and boost your scores. The cards are graded from C, B, A, S and R, with C being the lowest and R the most desirable.

There are more than 260 songs for you to sing through, and new songs and events are added every Wednesday. Once you’ve played all the songs on all three levels of difficulty, you’ll unlock a “Challenge Mode”.

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Each week, players in each of the game’s 12 leagues are ranked by the total score after the five songs they have played. Players that manage to get into the top three are awarded Diamonds instead of the standard rhythm points given to the other ranking players.

These can be used to buy higher level cards in the in-app store. The top five players in a league will be promoted up
into the next league, while the bottom five are moved into a lower league.

The game’s card-collecting feature is actually as fun as the main game. My crowning moment came when I discovered I had completed a full “R” deck of Red Velvet cards.

This is a super addictive game, featuring beautiful graphics, and fast, zippy controls. I highly recommend it for fans of both Kpop and challenging rhythm games.

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