League of Legends Master Series winners Flash Wolves are headed to the US for Worlds

League of Legends Master Series winners Flash Wolves are headed to the US for Worlds

Despite anticipating an even final, it was an easy win for the team


‘Karsa’, Hung Hau-Hsuan, Jungler for Flash Wolves at AsiaWorld-Expo. Photo: Hong Kong Esports
Photo: Hong Kong Esports

It was a Taiwanese showdown on Sunday at the League of Legends Master Series (LMS) at AsiaWorld-Expo, with the Flash Wolves beating J Team in a best-of-five series.

Despite the predictions for an evenly matched final at the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau league summer play-offs, the Wolves had no trouble taking home first prize – a ticket to the World Championships in the United States in October and NT$1,500,000 (HK$368,000) – after a 3-0 sweep.

Game one was well fought by J Team. But the Wolves’ better pick/ban phase carried them to victory. The Wolves won the first game after 46 minutes.

Being a serious esports althete is harder than winning at League of Legends

Game two was even closer, lasting 56 minutes. Again, the Wolves led the early and mid game, with five kills to none by the 31st minute.

Game three started promisingly for J Team. But the Wolves still managed to draw first blood. When this was followed by a triple kill for “Karsa” Hung Hau-Hsuan’s Rek’Sai, it resulted in the Wolves leading 5-1, with Rek’Sai having an impressive score of four kills, no deaths and one assist by the sixth minute. J Team showed no signs of recovery after that and the Wolves won comfortably, ending the series without losing a single match.

After the game, Wolves’ analyst “FluidWind” Shih Yi-hao said they had a long way to go.

Flash Wolves hoist their trophy at the League of Legends Masters Series (LMS) 2016, Summer Playoff Finals.
Photo: Hong Kong Esports

“The team needs to do better [at the Worlds],” he said. “There is a lot of pressure. And we need more training. We need to perform consistently.”

Mid laner “Maple” Huang Yi-Tang is looking forward to the Worlds and crossing blades with other mids. “I’ve never beaten TSM’s Bjergsen and he’s the only one I haven’t fought,” he said, referring to the Danish mid laner of Team SoloMid, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg.

J Team, AHQ E-Sports Club, Hong Kong E-sports and Machi E-Sports will fight for the remaining spot at the Worlds in the Taiwan regional finals on September 2.

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