Pokemon Go brings us lots of new words

Pokemon Go brings us lots of new words

You heard them here first!

Pokebro - The bros who hunt Pokemon with you.

Poke.Co - The professional monster hunting crew

Poke.com - The website of the professional monster hunting crew

Pokecon - The copy Pokemon Go

Pokedoh! - When you get a Pokemon-related injury, like from falling off a cliff

Pokefoe - The players that keep stealing your monsters

Pokefaux - Some people just make up their own monsters

Pokeglow - That great feeling you get after you bag a rare one

Pokelow - That feeling you have when your battery runs out before you've run out of monsters

Pokemon No - Countries that still don't have Pokemon Go

Pokepo - That extra special monster that looks like a panda and practises ancient martial arts

Poke So? - The people who don't play and don't care that they don't play

Poketoe - The awful foot condition you get from hunting too long in Hong Kong summers

Pokewoe - The frustration you feel when you think you should be hunting instead of doing what it is you're being forced to do totally against your will

Pokeyo - Pokemon hunters' capital city

Chokemon - When a monster's right in your sights but you just can't hit him

Poke-oh, come on! - When the critter breaks free from the pokeball and runs away


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