PewDiePie plays stay-at-home Pokemon

PewDiePie plays stay-at-home Pokemon

You know how everyone's been cheering Pokemon Go for getting people outside and moving around? Well, it doesn't have to be played like that

Nineto has been trying to get Pokemon trainers to go outside since the game was first released in 1997. With “Pokemon Go”, it seems they have succeeded. Right up until Pokemon Go met Pewdiepie.

The most popular YouTube gamer in the world took on the challenge of playing  Pokemon at home, with the help of a drone. PewDiePie taped his phone to the base of the drone. Genius!

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But things didn’t go smoothly: after having to fix an overly-sensitive touch screen and adjusting the attachment to allow the drone’s motor to work, he managed to catch a Drowzee.

It took him a lot of time to get the phone-drone combo to work and then he only managed to catch the one after only a couple of minutes trying.

It’s a creative idea, but who would want to risk their precious phone falling off a drone? Also, players are still limited by the drone’s range. You would also need to keep an eye out for any incoming real-life Pidgeys or Spearows that might bump into your drone.

To get the whole drone-phone combo right, you need a really powerful computer with a solid connection to ensure smooth game play. 

Despite the appeal of sitting in an air-conditioned room, rather than joining the sweaty stampede outside, catching Pokemon by drone is considered cheating.

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The official rules of Pokemon Go state that players are not allowed to use tools or techniques to alter or falsify their location, which is basically what PewDiePie was doing.

Honestly, finding Pokemon like this takes all the fun out of the game. You need to walk those kilometres to catch wild Pokemon lingering on the streets. You’re meant to get sweaty.

Anyway, there are no shortcuts to being a good Pokemon Trainer. What matters is the player’s love for Pokemon, the effort and patience they are willing to put into training them.

So, while PewDiePie proved that it’s possible, just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do it. Enjoy the game and catch 'em all!


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