Overwatch is not a cheap thrill - it’s an expensive one [Review]

Overwatch is not a cheap thrill - it’s an expensive one [Review]


So you wanna be a hero? Take your pick.

Thirty years in the future, robots known as Omnics led a revolution, where they created more of themselves and fought the humans.

This was the Omnic Crisis. In response to this crisis, the United Nations formed an international task force of heroes: Overwatch.

Fast-forward another 30 years, and Overwatch has long been disbanded. But Winston, a scientist who happens to be a genetically enhanced gorilla scientist, has reformed it to fight a growing threat from a terrorist group called Talon.

There are four game modes in this multi-player online first-person shooter. In assault mode, attackers try to capture multiple objective points, while defenders try and hold them off until the time runs out.

In escort mode, attackers escort the payload to a point, while defenders keep them at bay until the clock stops. In control mode, two teams try to take and hold the point until the time runs out. Meanwhile, assault/escort mode sees attackers first capture the payload before escorting it to the point.

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Players can play as one of the 21 characters currently available, to attack or defend objectives on the map.

The newly introduced competitive mode is very appealing. This allows players to play against each other and gain a ranking, which encourages people to keep playing and improving their rank.

Overwatch is a fast-paced exciting game. Unlike MOBAs, which requires time to build up items and gold, here characters are assigned weapons, and ammunition is unlimited, meaning you’re not waiting around for ammo packs, but can get straight on with shooting.

While the game is not cheap, it’s really worth checking out.

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