Poke no Go home

Poke no Go home

Japanese fans bitterly disappointed with no sign of Pokemon Go in the game's spiritual home

Legions of Pokemon fans were left disappointed today after a rumoured release of the  game in Japan proved wrong.

The app has now been released in more than 30 countries, but Japan - where Nintendo started the franchise 20 years ago - has been kept waiting with no official launch date.

Technology website TechCrunch said yesterday that the game would open in Japan today but backed out later to say there were delays.

The Nikkei business daily said Japanese fans may get it this week.

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But the agonising wait sparked a round of national hand-wringing in Japan today.

"Pokemon Go: When will it come out in Japan?" cried a headline in the afternoon edition of the top-selling Yomiuri newspaper.

But some took to social media to express their frustration at the delay in launching the game on Pokemon’s home turf.

"Wouldn't it be better to say that the Japan release will be in the autumn if the Pokemon Go release is delayed several times and cause this confusion?" @im_usami001 wrote on Twitter.

User @aquasonic00 added: "Wanting to play Pokemon Go in Japan ASAP (o^^o)."

We feel you, our poke bros, we feel you.

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have declined to comment on any official release date. US-based Niantic - which developed the game - has not replied to requests for comment.



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