11 struggles of being a female gamer

11 struggles of being a female gamer

Seriously? Seriously ...

Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, I'm a gamer. Yes, I'm good. Why is that so hard to believe?

Ladies, how many of you can relate to this list? Leave us a comment below!

1. Buying a game and getting asked, “is this for your boyfriend?”

2. That moment you tell people you game and they assume it’s Candy Crush.

3. When people think you’re an “easy kill” because you’re a girl.

4. That glorious moment when you prove them wrong.

5. ...then they ruin it by saying, “you’re not bad for a girl.”

6. Or they don’t admit defeat and claim they “let you win”. Sure, buddy. Keep telling yourself that.

7. Being referred to as “the girl gamer”. Erm, how about, just "gamer"? 

8. Your friends suddenly think you’re a tech wizard and ask you to help with everything. 

9. And lots of guy friends start coming to you with every girl problem they have, because you're a girl but also "one of the guys". O...kay?

10. The CONSTANT harassment.

11. Getting group-targeted by enemies to kill you off first because you’re a girl.

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