17 places Pokémon Go might take you once it's available in Hong Kong

17 places Pokémon Go might take you once it's available in Hong Kong


One Pokémon Go hits Hong Kong, you'll have to wade through a denser crowd than normal. Have fun.
Photo: EPA

While the rest of the world is going bananas over Pokémon Go, in Hong Kong, we're still waiting for our chance to catch them all! (Um, unfair much?) We won't know where we can find the Pokémons yet, but we have a few ideas ...

1. Alllllllllll the way out in Peng Chau.

2. In a public toilet. At a Clockenflap. Where it's really hectic.

Photo: Jonathan Wong/SCMP

3. Under a waterslide at Ma On Shan swimming pool.

4. Up a tree right on the border with Shenzhen ... that you can only get to by car and even then you won't know where to go.

5. At the wishing tree in Tai Po, where you can wish for a Snorlax.

6. Somewhere along the MacLehose Trail.

7. Halfway up the hike to The Peak.

8. Avenue of Stars, right on top of Bruce Lee’s head.

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9. In CY Leung’s illegal basement.

10. Smack dab in the middle of iSquare, where it’s really busy.

11. On top of the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Photo: Wan Kam-yan/SCMP

12. In one very specific MTR carriage.

13. Every. Single. Parknshop.

14. Down in the WW2 British Trenches at Shing Mun Reservoir.

15. At a temple, with three monks next to you silently judging.

16. Inside Happy Valley Racecourse ... which you can’t get in to until you’re 18. Gee, thanks!

17. On some remote island you've never even heard of.

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