T-app and jive! The five best dance apps to get you boogying

T-app and jive! The five best dance apps to get you boogying

Gone are the days of huge dance machines in arcades; these apps will have you shake, rattling and rolling from the screen of your phone!

Just Dance Now

Feeling too shy to hit the dance floor but still eager to become a social butterfly? Don’t worry! This app will help you master the choreography to the hottest songs on the radio. With your smartphone in hand, you connect the app to your laptop or TV screen, join a dance room and immediately start dancing with people from all over the world.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Dance Games Michael Jackson

Don’t be fooled by its appearance – this app is a lot more than a fighting game. It follows the storyline of Michael Jackson’s movie Moonwalker. So, not only do you have to save children and fend off bad guys, you have to do it in the style of the “King of Pop” himself. Get ready to moonwalk your way to the next round.

Available: Android – Free

Learn Hip Hop Dance

Want to take your dance skills to the next level? These step-by-step videos combined with detailed verbal instructions will help you to master these seemingly challenging hip hop moves. The multiple camera angles and slow-motion mode not only allows you to focus on the details but also watch the tutorial videos continuously without having to pause or hit replay over and over again.

Available: iOS – HK$15.45, Android – Free


This app turns your phone into a Wii controller, as you shake your body down to the ground with all the best dance routines – Zumba, hip hop, Bollywood ... they’re all here!

Available: iOS/Android – Free


How to Tap Dance

Are your tastes more Broadway than Beyonce? Then you’ll really “click” with this app, where you can learn some basic tapping skills and then choreograph your own dance routines.

Available: iOS HK$15; Android – Free

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T-app and jive! The five best dance apps to get you boogying


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