Apps for amateur bird-watchers

Apps for amateur bird-watchers

These apps offer an enjoyable time in the woods for budding bird-watchers

Peterson Backyard Birds

Birding is made a lot easier with this user-friendly app. It instantly gives all the basic information you’ll need when bird-watching in the woods. For those who find it a challenge to distinguish between several similar-looking birds, don’t worry. The app has grouped the birds by their appearance, and it clearly explains how you can tell them apart by keeping an eye on some seemingly insignificant traits.

Available: iOS/Android – Free (with the option of getting the pro version that costs HK$116)

eBird by Cornell Lab

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to go on an adventure in the woods! The unique “record as you go” feature allows you to do what it says: record all your sightings of birdies on the go. The database will be fully customised to your location and time of year, so you won’t have to go through an endless list of birds – otherwise your flappy friend will be gone before you know it.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Audubon Birds of North America

Not only will you be able to identify the birds easily with the app’s built-in high-definition photos, you could also share your enthusiasm for these lovely creatures with the rest of the world! In fact, the NatureShare feature is almost like the birdie version of Facebook and Twitter!

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Ibird Pro Guide to Birds

The name of the app is such a tell-tale! This app instantly turns you into a birding pro. It’s really one of the best birding apps available at the moment. However, the Ibird Pro, with the jaw-dropping price of HK$116, certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, this leap of faith is definitely worth taking, as it enables you to identify more than 940 bird species.

Available: iOS HK$116 /Android HK$77.47

Bird Song Id: Auto Recognition

Have you ever heard birds sing? No matter how hard you try, they are always out of sight, right? Relax! The Bird Song Id is the birding version of Shazam – it instantly gives you the name of the bird as well as all of its characteristics almost simultaneously!

Available: iOS HK$38.73 /Android HK$36.31

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