Thrilling ride with your favourite Antarctic birds

Thrilling ride with your favourite Antarctic birds

Penguins are simply awesome. Not that we need one, but these fun games are a daily reminder of how great the winged warriors are. Race, chat, fight and fling in these brrrrrilliant apps inspired by Antarctica’s chilly champions

Yetisports Action

Penguin fans, look away now. Your favourite Antarctic birds take a beating in this slightly violent but kinda addictive game. The series originally appeared as a Flash game online but became so popular that the developers just had to roll them into an app.

In the game, Pengu Throw, a slightly demented Yeti, practises javelin throwing ... with a penguin, flinging the birds as high in the air as possible. Timing everything right with a bit of help from some sea lions will see you hit the leaderboard.

Available: Android – Free (Called Yetisports – Collection 1 on iOS – HK$8)

Club Penguin

It’s a famous one, but for those who don’t know, Club Penguin is Disney’s introduction to the world of online chatting. Safely interact with a large community of penguin friends and play games from ninja battles to fashion shows.

As your customisable penguin, you can explore the island, join parties, talk to friends, adopt pets, and create and share igloo designs. The app is free to pay, but club membership costs real money – so make sure you ask whoever pays the bill before you start spending.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Racing Penguin, Flying Free

In this physics-based slide and fly game, you must escape the clutches of a ravenous polar bear (yeah, this goofy game doesn’t claim to be geographically accurate) by sliding down Antarctica’s mountains and flapping your wings.

Clear more than 40 racing levels and earn stars – the faster you go, the more stars you get. “This game changed my life,” said one online reviewer. We’re not lying!

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Penguins of Madagascar – Dibble Dash

Everyone knows the most entertaining characters from the Madagascar films were the penguins. This spin-off app game has you playing alongside Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private on a top-secret mission.

Swipe to control all four thrill-seeking penguins at once, and keep the gang safe from an evil strain of mutant-creating goo. Perfect your speed and agility and find the perfect Cheesy Dibbles. Good luck penguin-cadets!

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Penguin Diner 2: Penny’s Antarctic Adventure

A penguin called Penny has returned to her homeland of Antarctica to set up a restaurant, and it’s up to you to help her race against the clock to serve all the hungry diners in time.

The follow-up to the popular original, Penguin Diner 2, has four diners to unlock, a handful of cool new upgrades, and a wardrobe full of costumes for Penny to wear. Lots of fun ... and also pretty tricky when the going gets tough.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

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