Apps for Superheroes

Apps for Superheroes

Smash, bang, wallop! You’ll get in a lot of trouble if you start fighting on the streets of HK, but if you have a heroic itch that needs scratching, look no further than these apps

Superhero Maker

“No capes,” ordered Edna Mode in The Incredibles. You can put the fashionista’s advice to good use when you use this app to design your own hero. Suit up your hero in comic-themed costumes and accessories with tonnes of gadgets and super powers. After dressing, make your heroes fight against the evil minion army.

Available: Android – Free (Or try Create Your Own Superhero on iOS – Free)

Lego DC Superheroes

Lego is on to yet another winning formula with this toys-meets-heroes app that has all the big characters in the DC Comics universe. Cute, kitsch, colourful, and packed with in-jokes, the game is a non-stop riot in which you build your dream fighting team and defeat wicked comic book villains. There’s a Marvel version too (but it’s not free).

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Batman: Arkham Origins

Can’t get enough of the Dark Knight’s gloom? Prove your worth as a hero as you face off against ruthless assassins and their equally mean henchmen. You play as the legendary Caped Crusader in his early years, and scour the city to find cowls and batarangs before taking on your foes. Earn more stuff when you invite your friends to play.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Spider-Man Unlimited

Clearly the best superhero, ahem, Spider-Man has it all: strength, looks, charm, wit, and jaw-dropping spidey abilities. In this hand-drawn arcade game, Norman Osborn has summoned an army from another dimension and only the blue-and-red web-slinger stands between the bad guys and New York City’s destruction.

Available: iOS/Android – Free


Augmented reality is the next big thing in the world of gaming. Using the camera on your smartphone, this app lets you enter the world of superheroes. Point your phone at someone, and you see them as a suited, zapping muscle machine on screen. Choose your team from 30 heroes, start a new league with your friends, and share the pics on social media.

Available: Android – Free

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