A dose of fun for wannabe doctors

A dose of fun for wannabe doctors

Dreaming of becoming a medic, but don’t have the skills to be let loose on a real patient? From the goofy and grim to the downright gross, here are five medical app games to slice into

Surgeon Simulator
You’ve seen all PewDiePie have a go, now try it for yourself! The infamous Surgeon Simulator puts you, the anarchist, behind the green apron and sets you to work on the world’s unluckiest patient, Bob. But this surgeon’s hands are very shaky and Bob soon gets butchered. Scramble to save his life as his organs roll around on the floor and you knock everything over.

Available: iOS/Android – HK$38

Celebrity Ear Surgery Doctor Simulator
The life of an ear surgeon is full of thrills: scraping out gunge, unclogging wax, plucking hairs and ousting insects. But things get even more glamorous when a celebrity pops by to be treated by your expert hands. This A-lister of an app puts you at the F-row of celeb surgery and has you syringing the ear canals of the stars with “tons of epic doctor tools to use.” Cue the name-dropping!

Available: iOS – Free

Colonoscopy Simulator
Got a strong gut? It’s time to delve deep into the bowels of the app world! Colonoscopy Simulator is an unforgettable thillride into the large intestine. Rated “funny” and “informative” by users, the app offers a narrow portal into the twisting, turning job of a gastroenterologist and teaches you lots about digestive anatomy and health. Choose one of four procedures, prep your patient, and get to work!

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Doctor Life
Inject some infectious fun into your day with this challenging app. Doctor Life puts you at the beating heart of a hospital, where you deal with wacky patients and their many symptoms. But beware! An evil tycoon wants to buy the land your hospital is on. Earn awards to save the building from his grubby hands.

Available: Android – HK$20.36 (Doctor Life Kids on iOS – HK$53)

Ambulance 911 Rescue Simulator
Accelerate your way into the high-pressure world of an ambulance driver with this app that’ll have your phone slipping from your sweaty hand. Ambulance 911 Rescue Simulator puts you in the driving seat as a paramedic. Navigate icy roads, weave through traffic, and park in tight spaces to make sure the doctor reach the emergency scene on time.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

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