Lights, camera, app-tion!

Lights, camera, app-tion!

Oscars fever has us reaching for the popcorn and starting a movie club. Here are five apps for film lovers.

Hong Kong Movie

Chock full of ads, but still the best app for cinemas in Hong Kong. See which films are currently out or headed to local cinemas, pick a screening time, choose a seat, and book your ticket. Finding a complete list of film times and locations can be a hassle here, but this app gives you all the info you need.

Available: iOS/Android – Free


MovieCat! HD

Lots of people claim to be film buffs, but do they really know their stuff? Next time your chum says they’re an expert on all things cinematic, hit ’em with some trivia questions. Rated one of the top iPhone games of all time, MovieCat! is packed with fun quizzes, visual puzzles and scenes featuring a cast of kitty actors.

Available: iOS – HK$23

IMDb Movies & TV

The big daddy of everything movie-related; IMDb is the go-to place for film and TV plotlines, actor details, quotes, trivia, and insider info, and everything else you could possibly think of. If you’re one of those people that can’t watch a film without going “I’m convinced I’ve seen that actor somewhere before”, then you need this app.

Available: iOS/Android – Free

Movie Invisibles – Trivia Game

Where’s the fun in quizzes in the internet age? Questions that you can’t google, of course. This game challenges you to identify films using screenshots. Simple, right? Nope: any faces and exposed skin have been photoshopped out, meaning you have just the clothes and the background to work out which movie it is. Devilishly difficult.

Available: iOS – HK$8


So you settle into your cinema seat to watch a film. But that extra-large lemonade you drank during the adverts is starting to weigh down on your bladder. Where there’s a first-world problem, there’s a solution. Thanks to this app, you can pick the best moment to dash out to the toilet mid-film without missing anything too juicy. A built-in timer vibrates to alert you to when a “peetime” is coming, so you can just relax and enjoy the movie.

Available: iOS/Android – Free


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