Ape apps that even King Kong would want on his smartphone

Ape apps that even King Kong would want on his smartphone

It's almost the Year of the Monkey, which means it's time to celebrate these awesome, furry creatures. Here's a bunch of apps to have you monkeying around to your heart's content!


Create any type of survey and collect the results. Not just for PhD students conducting research - there's no reason why you can't make goofy surveys for your friends. Want to know which movie your buddies would prefer to see this weekend, or need to gather info for a class project? SurveyMonkey can help.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Talking Monkey

"I am an adorable virtual pet who loves to repeat everything you say in a funny voice." Who DOESN'T need this in their life? Srsly. Look at its face. So darn cute. Enough said.

Available: iOS - HK$8 (A different app with the same name can be found on Android - Free)

10monkeys Multiplication

Sometimes learning things can be boring (never, ever here at Young Post though!), but this app makes maths sums an easier pill to swallow by turning multiplication into a fun game. Free the trapped monkeys using your multiplication skills, and compare your results with a global leaderboard.

Available: iOS - HK$23/Android - Free

Face Scanner: What Monkey

Unleash your inner ape with this face scanner that tells you which monkey you most look like. We're all descended from apes, so this app will tell you if you look more like a chimp, a gorilla, or an orangutan. Point the camera, tap "analyse", and check out the hilarious results. Everyone loves monkeys. So how can this possibly go wrong?

Available: Android - Free (Try Your Face Monkey Simulator on iOS for similar fun)


So simple, yet so satisfying. Have you ever dragged your finger across a pool of oily paint and experienced the calming effect and sense of relaxation it brings? No? Then you should check out this app, which lets you interact with incredibly smooth and responsive pools of liquid - without creating a mess. Use fingers to smear paint, jiggle gelatin, or fling brightly-coloured balls through puddles of mud.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

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