Epic new toys to spend your lai see money on this Chinese New Year

Epic new toys to spend your lai see money on this Chinese New Year

Feeling flush with lai see and fancy something new and fab to play with? Here are some incredible new gadgets you might want for your own

Visiting family? Sure. All that food? Cool. But let's face it, at Lunar New Year we get most excited about the lai see.

Don't just sit there fanning yourself with those crispy, fresh dollar bills. Go and treat yourself to one of the three top gizmos that we spotted at this month's Toys & Games Fair.

4D Puzzle

4D cityscape New York City.

If you've ever been curious about how a city evolves, fancied touring the world, or just want more bang for your buck when it comes to games, 4D Cityscape has brought out a range of city-themed puzzles to suit a range of interests.

Fun to play on your own or in a group, the games combine a puzzle, a city model replica and a history lesson.

The puzzles consist of three layers, including a historical map, a modern map and building replicas.

First, you build a historical map that shows the layout of how a city, such as Hong Kong or London, used to look.

Then you build the second layer - the present-day map of a city - on top of the first, before adding the third layer of skyscrapers and monuments.

Using a 4D Time Poster, you add each building replica into the map in a sequence according to the year each was built.

If modern cities don't strike your fancy, you can also build a range of ancient cities or countries such as Rome, China and Greece, with National Geographic and 4D Cityscape's Time Puzzle.

When you've finished assembling your mini-city, you can download the game's free app, which lets you explore the history in greater detail and even test yourself with a trivia quiz.

Find the game range at HKTDC Design Gallery in Wan Chai, in bookshops, or on Amazon, priced HK$399.

Typhoon Q 500 4K.

Typhoon Q500 4K

It's not every day you get to pilot a drone while filming Hong Kong's skyscrapers, rural greenery and rugged coastline. But with Yuneec's Typhoon Q 500 4K, you get a unique, bird's-eye view of our city while standing safely on the ground.

The drone's highlights are its Follow Me and Watch Me features.

The former uses a built-in global positioning system (GPS) so the drone can follow you wherever you are. The drone can also accurately fly from one point to another.

The latter uses a built-in camera that automatically turns towards you for amazing selfies or cool footage. Selfie sticks feel so basic by comparison!

The drone also has a "three-axis precision gimbal camera". With its ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution - four times better than HD - the camera can capture high-quality videos and 12-megapixel photos.

The camera controller allows you to turn it around while the drone is on the move. Downloading the CGO3 mobile app lets you change settings and use your phone as a display.

Just make sure you plot out your route and take into account any obstacles such as air traffic, skyscrapers and no-fly zones.

Safety is key, though, so the no-fly-zone feature prevents the drone from being flown higher than 120 metres above the ground, and also keeps it from straying more than 90 metres away from the pilot.

It's available at Sham Shui Po's Zeta Limited and other computer and electronics stores for HK$7,388.

The Dark Knight Trilogy 1:12 RC Tumbler.

The Dark Knight Trilogy 1:12 RC Tumbler.

If you've seen The Dark Knight, you will have seen Batman looking really cool while driving his hi-tech Batmobile, aka the Tumbler, through the crime-ridden streets of Gotham.

The Dark Knight Trilogy 1:12 RC Tumbler (Deluxe Pack) is closely modelled on the vehicle design in the movie.

But instead of Batman sitting inside the car hitting controls, you control the Tumbler's functions using a smartphone app.

Special features include moving cockpit doors and spoilers, a jet power mode to boost speed, realistic sound and light effects, night vision video recording and photo shooting, and a voice intercom. This might just be your new favourite toy.

When not tearing up your hallway, the Tumbler charges on a specially designed charger base, which also doubles as a cool presentation box, or "diorama".

The LED light turns on and off when you swing the Neo Sensor remote control.

You can buy this product online at the Soap Studio website or from DG Lifestyle Stores, for HK$6,980.

If you can wait, a newer model, the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:12 RC Batmobile is expected to go on sale at the end of this year.

It will have more features, with an HD camera, 19 app-controlled movements, front-mounted machine guns, and a 50 per cent speed increase. For the truly lucky Bat-Fan.

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