App-aca madness! Apps for alpaca lovers

App-aca madness! Apps for alpaca lovers

Wahoo! It's finally January, which naturally means we want to play lots of apps featuring alpacas. Why? Because they're the greatest creatures of all, of course! Fluffy, brave and smart, these South American llamas shower fun wherever their hooves take them

Save The Alpaca

A group of alpacas living in the hills must migrate before the rainy season. To survive, they have to battle canyons, jungles and rivers. Join them on their thrilling journey in Save The Alpaca. So, so cute, with even cuter sound effects.

Available: iOS - Free (Go for the totes adorbs Astro Alpaca on Android)

Alpaca Evolution

Less cuddle-some and more unsettling, Alpaca Evolution is the tale of a group of alpacas that live in peace until a mutant is born into their midst. He goes about evolving in a very peculiar way: by knocking out the other alpacas and absorbing them. This once fluffy and innocent creature gets bigger, freakier and more powerful ... until the final stage of evolution sets in.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Flying Alpaca

Anyone who's played Flappy Bird will instantly get the hang of Flying Alpaca, a game that sends a pink, winged, fluff-ball of an alpaca through a series of obstacles and levels. Seriously, a flying alpaca! How can you not fall in love?

Available: Android - Free (Try Alpaca Run on iOS - Free)


Puns galore! Not all alpaca-centric games are about sunny skies and happy rainbows. In Alpacalypse, the end is nigh. Al Pacone is an alpaca who has an evil plan to execute … This is a first-person shooter in the style of old-fashioned arcade games, with addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and cool music.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Alpaca World HD+

In this heartbreakingly adorable game, you're the owner of an alpaca farm, and in charge of the wellbeing of the herd. Train them, dress them up and experience unlimited cuteness. Baaaaa!

Available: iOS/Android - Free

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