The gadgets that toyed with our fancy in 2015

The gadgets that toyed with our fancy in 2015

From hazardous Hoverboards to adorable sci-fi robo-buddies, we look back at this year's greatest gadgets and gizmos


Okay, you don't actually hover on one of these bad boys, but the Hoverboard that took the world by storm this year is still seriously cool. However, some models carry a fire risk, experts warn. The most popular version is a two-wheel motorised skateboard that allows you to zip from point A to point B - if you have exceptionally good balance. Problem is, not everyone has good balance, and the hottest toy of the year has landed dozens in hospital. Ouch!

PetCube camera

Ever wonder what your pets are up to when you're not home? PetCube lets you stay connected to your furbabies even when you're out! This interactive pet monitor shows you in real time when your puppy buddy is waiting wistfully by the front door for your return, or when your feline friend is knocking your framed photos off the coffee table. There's also a built-in laser pointer for you to remotely play with your pets and a two-way microphone so you can say "hi" during lunch time!

Apple Watch

Here is a piece of incredibly snazzy wrist-candy that's useful, too. An Apple Watch is synced with your iPhone so it alerts you to texts, emails, social media notifications and more. Also, you can instantly respond without taking your phone out - useful in situations like a family dinner, when having your nose to your mobile may come across as a little rude. It also makes working out and maintaining a healthier lifestyle easier by helping you to track your progress and accomplishments. Oh, and it tells the time.

Barracuda luggage

Look, Hong Kong isn't known for its spacious homes, so, seriously, how annoying is it to find somewhere to store your luggage until you need it for a trip? This super nifty fully-collapsible carry-on has a built-in tray, GPS, swivel handle, and USB charger. If you do have to check it in, it even has a proximity sensor that connects to your smartphone so you know if it's coming around the bend on the luggage carousel.


Possibly the cutest droid ever, BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become a reality thanks to a collaboration between Disney and robotics start-up Sphero. Okay, so it's quite a bit smaller than the one in the movie, but it still has some pretty amazing features like taking voice commands. Or you can use an app on your tablet or smartphone to make BB-8 go on patrol, display holographic messages from your device, and show data like temperature and your schedule. It also has a distinct personality and will adapt to yours over time. How. Cool. Is. That.


Ever wished you can see the world through someone else's eyes? Now you can with this app by Twitter, as people stream events live as they happen. Periscope notifies your followers through Twitter when you're going live with footage, and shows them in real time what you're seeing. It also allows private broadcasts to specific followers, while you also have the replay option, so people can watch your footage at a later time.

Fallout 4

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 4 is the fifth instalment in the action role-playing series. The latest episode is set in the US city of Boston in the year 2287, two centuries after a nuclear war left the world in ruins. Fallout 4 keeps many of the cool features of its predecessors, like being able to switch from first- and third-person perspective, but it's got some new additions, too, such as a layered armour system, and dynamic interaction with 111,000 lines of dialogue.

Seed water bottle

Drinking the recommended amount of water every day is tough. Sometimes you forget, you can't be bothered, a Coke tastes better, or it's just hard to keep track of how much you've drunk. The Seed water bottle reminds you when it's been too long since your last sip, tracks your intake, warns you when water in the bottle has become stale, shows the temperature of the water you're about to drink, controls the temperature of your water, and comes in a range of sizes and fun colours. Thirsty yet?

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