Prank you very much: the best apps for getting up to no good

Prank you very much: the best apps for getting up to no good

Christmas is coming, which means more time on the sofa with relatives than you'd like. Brush away the boredom with these mischievous apps for your phone

Dude, your car!

Ideal for using on a relative who loves their car a bit too much. The app lets you take a photo of a vehicle, apply hit-and-run damage or flames to the picture, and send the image to them to give them about five minutes of panic.

Available: iOS HK$8/Android - Free



No one likes being made to jump, and they like it even less when their scared faces are captured at the same time. If you're feeling particularly cruel, you can hand your phone to a friend, having secretly loaded the app. All they see is a game called Idiot Test for them to play. After a few seconds, a scary demon baby pops up on the screen to give a fright. You nasty, nasty person. Expect to get punched.

Available: iOS - Free (Try Scary Camera Prank on Android - Free)

Crack Your Screen Prank

Fool your friends into thinking their phone screen has cracked with this mean app. Set the app to "crack" the screen after shaking or tapping. The image is pretty convincing - and will appear on top of all applications as the phone is used. Just make sure you give up the game before your mate marches off to Mong Kok.

Available: Android - Free (For iOS, download an image of a cracked screen and open in full screen)


This app allows you to fake calls to your phone to either frighten or excite your friends. Is your head teacher really calling? Is that Harry Styles? At the very least, you can use it to pretend your mum is calling you home if you're getting bored while out with friends or on a date.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Atomic Fart

You know the score. Try as you might to act mature, there's no stopping the giggles when someone breaks out a bit of toilet humour. This app exposes your inner toddler with more than 30 fart sounds, movement-triggered flatulence, and timed farting. Hide it behind the sofa and cook up some mischief.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

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