The Christmas gift of 'appiness

The Christmas gift of 'appiness

December is here, which means it's high time to start buying presents for friends and family. Why not surprise someone with an app this Christmas? We've picked a handful of pretty special apps we'd like to receive ourselves (hint, hint …)

How to gift apps

Of course, iTunes and Google Play both have gift cards which can be popped inside a regular greetings card. But if you're on iOS, Apple's iTunes makes it easy to gift apps. Find the app you want to give someone, then click the arrow to the right of the "buy" button. In the side pop-up menu, select the "gift" option, and then fill in all the details. (Just make sure you've got the bill-payer's permission first!)

For the lil bro or sis: Rayman Jungle Run

Keep that pesky sibling occupied with the wildly exciting and addictive Rayman Jungle Run. The game makes you feel like you're on a rollercoaster as you jump and zoom through 40 increasingly difficult levels to rescue the firefly-like Lums. Just watch out for those vines and pitfalls!

Available: iOS HK$28 (Android HK$28)

For the stresshead: Buddhify 2

Know someone who's always wound up tight because of exams? The Buddhify app would make a thoughtful gift for them. It guides you through a process known as "mindful meditation" and lets you track your mood and concentration throughout each week to help you get in the habit of unwinding. We love the rainbow colour scheme, too.

Available: iOS HK$38 (HK$23 on Android)

For the avid gamer: Monument Valley

There are thousands of great app-based games but very few are as beautiful to look at as Monument Valley, which was Apple's 2014 Game of the Year. In a world of Escher-inspired optical illusions (you know - stairs leading into stairs), you must guide Princess Ida through mysterious monuments and hidden paths, while outsmarting the Crow People.

Available: iOS HK$28 (Android HK$28)

For the clever one: Broken Age

Vintage video gamers will fondly remember the hilarious point-and-click Monkey Island series, and Broken Age is made by the same people. The brain-teasing concept of exploring an area until you find a hidden item is adapted for touchscreens with this gorgeous game about teenagers Vella and Shay, who go on a coming-of-age quest.

Available: iOS HK$23 (Android HK$38)

For the sporty one: 7 Minute Superhero Workout

Be careful who you gift this one to - you don't want people taking offence! But if you know someone who likes to work out, this is a fun and original app for them. Studies have shown that working out for just seven minutes a day can help us stay in shape. Superhero Workout takes this concept and turns it into an adventure in which you have to save the world.

Available: iOS HK$28 (Android HK$28)

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