From photoshopped facial hair to top pop hits, here are 5 fun apps for the boys

From photoshopped facial hair to top pop hits, here are 5 fun apps for the boys

As Young Post celebrates Brovember, it's a good time to look at the apps that can make dudes' lives a little easier - and a little more fun

Pandora Radio

Obvs not just for bros, but it's always handy to have some music on the go. Pandora is the internet radio app to get because it cleverly takes the name of your favourite artist, song, genre, or composer, and links you to stations that play what you want to hear.

A warning: it can be quite heavy on your data use, so make sure you've got an unlimited smartphone plan, or are using it on wi-fi to avoid scary bills at the end of the month.

Available: iOS/Android - Free

Tie-a-tie Deluxe

Shockingly, in the YP team, few people know how to knot a formal tie. It may seem like a boring skill to learn, but it will serve you well when you want to look dapper on graduation day, for a job interview or on a fancy date.

This app breaks things down into step-by-step tutorials with diagrams showing how to tie lots of different styles.

Available: iOS - HK$8 (Try it on Android - Free)

SAS Survival Guide

Members of the British Army's SAS (Special Air Service) undergo notoriously punishing training regimes to turn them into the country's smartest, strongest and sneakiest soldiers. The app version of the million copy-selling book is crammed with essential survival skills, and includes a first-aid section, a morse code signal, and pictures of animal tracks, knots, edible plants, and dangerous creatures.

Available: iOS - HK$48, Android - Free

How to Cook Everything

Fellas, we're not saying you're disasters in the kitchen, but when it comes to cooking, we're all a little guilty of letting our mothers take the reins. But there'll come a time when you're living the bachelor life, or need to impress a date, and a dude should never be afraid of cooking (just ask the Peninsula Hotel / Young Post Dim Sum Young Talent Competition 2015 winner, Wu Cheng-long). It's fun to splash the cash in a swanky resto, but it's essential to be able to whip together a meal in a pinch.

Available: iOS - HK$78


In the magical month of Mo-vember, facial fur is fashion. Even if you're only rockin' peach fuzz, now you can go lumberjack, ZZ Top, American cop, or pompous baron. This app lets you boast a beard by superimposing a little whisker-work over your selfie. Why stop at just your own face? Your gran, your dog - heck, even your teacher could all be improved by a little mo' mo'.

Available: iOS - HK$8 (And if you get it, be sure to tag us with @youngposthk in your 'stachey Instagrams!)


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